Three large Queen palms seemed to grow overnight at the Salisbury Road roundabout last week.

The statuesque greenery adds a touch of nature in the middle of what has been a sea of ongoing road-layout changes over the last few months.

Two of the trees came from Mitre 10 and one from a large tree supplier in Auckland.

The trees are part of the Tasman District Council(TDC)-led Salisbury-Champion Road roundabout upgrade project. The project aims to ease road congestion at the busiest intersection in the Tasman District with about 17,000 vehicle movements a day.

“The trees were chosen because they fit well with the overall landscape plan of the area, which is based on the existing river stone wall on the corner of Saxton Field,” says Tasman District Council staff member, Ali Hamlin.

The trees are expected to be a permanent feature and will be maintained by TDC’s Parks and Reserves team.

Huge boulders are being put in place and there will also be lime grass planted in the roundabout. The cost is included in the overall landscaping budget for the upgrade project.

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