It is believed that arson is to blame for the burnt-out car found sitting in a Richmond car park last Thursday morning.
The car, a green 1995 Honda CRV, was discovered in the Petrie Car Park in Richmond behind Sundial Square by local business owners early Thursday morning, after the car had been been set ablaze at around 4am that morning.


Cash’n’Trade Richmond have said that they do not know who owns the car and that they have no affiliation with the car, but an nearby worker said that the car had been parked in the Cash’n’Trade car park for nearly a week before it was set on fire. “We were very concerned when we came in this morning. If the wind had picked it up it could have taken out several businesses in the area. We’ve seen this happen before in the last 18 months.”


Richmond volunteer firefighters were called out to the blaze at around 4.25am on Thursday, and the police were also notified. According to a police spokesperson, the incident appeared suspicious but neither the car owner or business owner made a complaint to police so it is not being investigated.


Cash’n’Trade Richmond said that last Saturday night a rock was thrown through the front window of the store, shattering the glass.


A nearby business owner is concerned, saying that for the past several weeks suspicious- looking men have been loitering in the Petrie Car Park and around where the burnt-out car was found. Witnesses have spotted several men looking through cars parked behind Cash’n’Trade, opening car bonnets, including the Honda CRV that was burnt.

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