Locals came together over the weekend to celebrate the range of diverse flavours and cultures in our district, thanks to the 2020 Asian Food Fair.

The event, in its fourth year now, saw thousands from across the district turn up to taste a variety of traditional Asian food, from Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Nepalese and Palestinian. Singers and dancers performed for the crowd throughout the night, along with a demonstration from the Richmond Taekwondo group. The fair was opened with a karakia (Maori prayer) as local Richmond councillor Dana Wensley wanted to set the tone of diversity which she believes is important for a community.

“We have a special relationship with our treaty partner, and I feel very fortunate to live in a community like Richmond which can come together like this,” she says.

“As Richmond and Tasman grow, we only benefit from the coming together of different cultures and it’s events like this that help.”

It was the councillor’s first visit to the food fair and she even took on the job as compere, introducing the performers from different nationalities who entertained the crowd with dancing or singing while they dined on food from the Far East.

Originally the Night Noodle Market, the event, organised by Multicultural Nelson Tasman, was created as a vehicle to intermix locals and the large variety of different cultures within the community.

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