The long, arduous process that has been the Bateup Road upgrade finally looks to be reaching its end.


Work on sealing the Bateup road upgrade has now begun, as the project now enters its final stages.


The project began in April last year and was initially expected to be completed by early 2019. However, several factors meant that the project was further delayed.


Lack of water during the drought and high fire risk were two of the reasons that the project was delayed in February this year, with a council spokesperson saying that “work was suspended on site at Bateup Rd while equipment and staff were diverted to help with the Pigeon Valley firefighting effort.”


Civil Defence also issued a notice for contractors to stop work where machinery would be at risk of starting a fire if there is was no access to a high-pressure water system nearby.


The project was also extended due to additional work that was added at the beginning of this year. Tasman District Council community relations manager Chris Choat says “We decided to add some work that was going to have to be done later on to cope with the new growth in the area, essentially on the Paton’s Rise subdivision. Power and telecommunications were the two big ones that we needed to add, as doing it now will save time and money in the long run.”


The Bateup road upgrade is now expected to finish mid-early June, with Chris explaining the kerb and channel was in the final stages of being laid along the new shared pathway, and that several entrances to the street needed to be finished.


“We’ve sealed one section of the road, now we just have to finish the kerb and channelling on the Richmond side, because of the new shared pathway.”


The four-million-dollar upgrade was undertaken to cope with the growth and new developments in Richmond South.


The road is being widened to allow for a greater flow of traffic, adding a shared walkway/cycleway, and replacing roadside drains with underground pipes. Several new underground stormwater chambers have been installed.


“As Richmond is growing we need to be prepared for the future, and make sure we can support all the new developments going in.”

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