Richmond’s Reuben Bensemann has produced his biggest win on a bike by claiming the New Zealand down hill title.
The 23-year-old was the most consistent rider across four rounds of racing to take the title at his first attempt.

“I wanted to give it a crack and see how I stacked up.

“I was surprised I won – I thought I would have a shot but I didn’t expect to win it,” he said.

“I ran out of money so I had to skip a round but I still had enough points to get the overall win.

The apprentice engineer said hopefully it will give him the opportunity to step up the the elite class next season.
“It has broadened my goals in some respects but I still need more results to get more sponsors.”

Reuben said he had always loved the sport. “I was always a fan of the sport but it’s only been the last two years where I’ve taken it seriously.

“Training for me is fun and Nelson is the best place for the amount of tracks we have available. Often I train around Maitai.

“I’ll have a few races near the end of 2020 but which ones they will be I’m not sure yet. Hopefully from there I can go on and compete overseas.

“Racing has only been recent, I always liked going fast so I thought I may as well go the fastest.”

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