For those of you who have been watching the latest season of ‘Survivor New Zealand’, you will be aware that our local lad, Brad Norris, has been voted out of the game by five of his tribemates.
In one of the world’s toughest games, 18 castaways from all across New Zealand spend up to 40 days marooned on a deserted, rugged and unforgiving land, in a bid to take home the title of Sole Survivor and a prize of $250,000.
Outwit, Outplay and Outlast is the mantra of the show.
In the shocking blindside, Brad was the ninth person voted out of the game, on Sunday 17, and the second person on the jury – who ultimately get to decide who will win the $250,000 prize. At the time of filming, Brad says he was ‘totally shocked’ by the vote.
“They did well to keep tight-lipped about it. I was fully played by the other contestants. I thought I was in a solid group.” Obviously, Brad has had time to process it all since filming ended in Thailand months ago. He is happy that particular episode has finally aired, and he is able to talk somewhat freely now about how things were. “At the time I was so disapppointed, it was just gutting. But then, you are so invested with emotions. Now, I am still disappointed, but have had such good support from everyone. It’s just one of those games, it’s how it goes. There were so many highlights, a lot of good times, doing pretty well in the challenges, the success we had as a team and the individual challenges. Lots of those times were really cool. And the overall experience, I am happy with how I played it. I didn’t get sucked into the nasty side of Survivor, the petty things and the backstabbing. You can play the game without being a jerk, to me there are some things you don’t need to do or stoop to.”
Brad says he would do it all over again, in a heartbeat, “at the time it was hard, it was brutal, but I would do it again for sure. The good times outweigh the rough times. It’s funny how you remember it, at the time you just want to quit, but now I would definitely love to have another crack at it and I would it play differently.” Brad and Arun Bola are now joined by Renee Clarke, who was voted out on Sunday, June 24 and is the third person on the ‘Survivior’ jury.
Even though filming has finished, the show is currently airing and, with just 5 episodes left, contestants are still unaware who the actual winner is, which will be announced at the live screening of the finale at the end of July.

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