Emma Guyer is a 12-year old smiley girl who likes to study, to draw and to spend quality time with her family and friends.
She was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour that is the third cancer she has had to fight against.

She was the winner of a colouring competition at Westmeat and when she went there to collect her prize, her smile was recognised. “She has a page at the ‘Give a Little’ website and one of the staff members recognised her from there”, says Kate Pullar, Westmeat’s shop manager. “When we saw the story on the page we were all crushed”.

Then they decided to help. “We thought that it would be a good idea if we got together when we’ve got our day off and just do like a fundraiser barbecue for her”, she says.

According to Kate, Westmeat is going to donate all the meat towards it so all the profit will go to Emma’s family. The barbecue will be on August 24th, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. “Everyone is invited,” she says.

Emma was proud of herself for winning the colouring prize and happy about the fundraiser barbecue.

“I won sausages as the prize and I already had them for dinner,” she says. “I will come for the barbecue and I want to say thank you to everyone”.

According to her profile at Givealittle website, Emma was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour at the age of 6 which was successfully removed and treated with radiation.

When she was 8 years old, the tumour returned in her spine and also successfully treated. Now her brain tumour has returned and she needs all the help that she can get.

“You can all imagine what this family has already been and is currently going through. Jenny, Aaron, and step dad Coopz are such­ amazing parents that­ would do anything for Emma, including her younger sister Khloe”, says Litisha Cleave’s, who is the Givealittle page creator and a very close friend to the family.

The donations will be used to fulfil Emma’s dreams and desires, plus alternative treatments. Emma is pretty sure of what those dreams are. “When I’m older I want to be a preschool teacher,” she says.

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