A group of local businesses have teamed up for a good cause – to fight child cancer.

A fundraising campaign that was started by local business ‘Homes by Orange’ has gathered the support of more than 20 different businesses, including other local businesses and some further afield.

The campaign will see a house built on Katania Heights in Brightwater, and the house will be sold with the proceeds going towards the Child Cancer Foundation, a nationwide charity that supports children with cancer and their families in Nelson and across New Zealand.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s been heart-warming to see so many businesses step up and do what they can to support the fundraiser,” says Homes by Orange director David Orange.

Different businesses contributed to the project in a range of ways, including donations, discounts, and deferred payments.

“Although we can’t be certain what the final donation to the Child Cancer Foundation is likely to be at this stage, we’re confident it will be significant,” David says.

“We’re all really conscious that every dollar that can be saved during the build of the home will increase the profit going to the foundation. “

General Manager Jo Neale says they the project is a small way of giving back to the community.

“We took the idea to the public, and we chose three charities and the public had a vote on who they wanted it to be. Child Cancer foundation is a great charity to be able to support.

“We’ve had a lot of community support, and a lot of different businesses didn’t hesitate to help.”

Child Cancer Foundation Businesses Development Manager Tony Fitzgerald says that the foundation is incredibly grateful. “The Child Cancer Foundation is incredibly humbled and appreciative of the generosity from everyone at Homes by Orange on this amazing initiative.”

“We’re really grateful for the generosity of those involved in the campaign and look forward to completion of the home in May 2020,” says David.

Exterior cladding is now in place on the house, and the build is set to be completed by May this year.

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