A special house goes up for auction on the 25th July in Katania Heights, Brightwater. It’s a house whose three years of planning and building has involved 30 different businesses and is representative of the Nelson Tasman’s community spirit to provide support where needed.

The proceeds from the auction of this home with its stunning view will go to the Child Cancer Foundation who provide comfort and support to family, parents and the children impacted with child cancer.

“We are incredibly humbled and appreciative of the generosity from everyone at Homes by Orange and the home’s supply partners on this amazing initiative,” says Tony Fitzgerald from CCF.

The completion of this long-term project couldn’t have come at a better time as charities struggle to right themselves in the wake of Covid-19 with every cancelled event directly impacting fundraising.

The official Open Day that took place last weekend was a chance not only for people to check out the finished product, it was also a chance to thank everyone from the community who had been involved.

There are a lot of them who should be proud of their assistance to the community. Their involvement included physical contributions, donations, and sponsorship.

“It’s been heart-warming to see so many businesses step up and do what they can to support this fundraiser,” says David Orange, founder of Homes by Orange.

David has built around 1500 homes over two decades but deems the Katania Heights charity home a special one. To him it represents a hope and dream come to life.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do and especially with the CCF needing funds more than ever this year,” says David.

It’s the generosity of the community that sustains charities like the Child Cancer Foundation as they don’t receive any direct government support. Events like Covid-19, which have a direct impact on their income, means the organisation is less able to help children with cancer.

That’s why the Homes by Orange charity house is shining so brightly on the horizon of those children with cancer and their parents and families.

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