The detonation of home-made pipe bombs has Richmond police concerned.
Five pipe bombs have been set off since March 31, all in the vicinity of Bateup Rd, St James Ave and Paton Rd with the first four occurring around 3.30am.
The most recent was on Sunday, May 13, at 10.10pm.
“They’re making a hell of a racket,” says Richmond community constable Kyle Abbott.
“We want people to be vigilant and to be aware and alert this is happening.”
Police are requesting the public to report any suspicious activity and for those living in the area to write down any number plates of vehicles that are not normally in the area.
Call 111 immediately if an undetonated pipe bomb is discovered, also report any exploded bombs and refrain from removing or touching any of the pieces.
Any information that can lead to the culprits is welcomed. Please phone Richmond police 543 9500.

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