Residents say temporary changes to roads in the Elizabeth, Talbot and Florence Street area may soon become permanent, and their opinions may not be heard.

Of particular concern is the closing of the corner of Elizabeth and Talbot Streets. “Driving from Elizabeth to Talbot Street to use the lights to turn right, worked. Trying to turn out of Florence Street on to Salisbury Road is impossible at busy times,” says local Christine Stanton. While the TDC sent residents a survey outlining the trialled changes, Christine says the follow-up feedback survey was only available online, meaning those without internet access were unable to have their say. Ann Green is also concerned as the cost of a taxi to take her from Pak’n’Save home has doubled because the taxi must now go around the block rather than straight up Elizabeth Street.

Val Kendrick says that they wanted parking on one side of the road only, but there are now yellow lines both sides of Elizabeth Street and this means it’s a long walk for visitors.

TDC Community Relations Manager Chris Choat says the outcome recommended will be influenced by community response, particularly the success or not that these treatments are able to enhance urban amenity and community wellbeing.

“Measurement of community support or otherwise for the pilot is being collected via a survey and working group meetings. The survey while online, is able to be completed either dropping into the Council’s Richmond office or through a phone call to the Council’s main number 543 8400,” says Chris.

He says the meeting tonight at 5.30 is for the project working group, a group formed by invitation of all local residents at the beginning of the project.  It is not an all-resident meeting.

He says that the current survey is to identify what residents may want to change as a result of the initial pilot which has now been in place for a number of months.

“A final decision could still be some time away as there is a need to test the ‘tweaks’ the latest survey provides,” he says.

The group who are concerned about the closure of the corner of Elizabeth and Talbot Streets are pleased with the speed bumps which were put in as part of the initiative.

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