Connings Food Market’s Simon Conning is hopeful his store can make it through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The family-owned and run produce store at Appleby was initially forced to shut under the level four restrictions, but was deemed an essential business a fortnight later.

While he was left scratching his head as to why his business was not able to open initially, he says much of his stock was able to be donated to Kai With Love or used in delivery boxes.

“We are lucky to be open – I certainly wouldn’t want to be shut.

“All the smaller suppliers we’re initially taken out of the market so there was 100 per cent consumption at 75 per cent supply.

Simon says the issue was that food was still being produced at a local level.

“So places that were raising pigs for example and weren’t selling into the big supermarkets had nowhere to sell it.
“It restricted supply while demand was still high and that squeezed prices up.

Simon said while his shop was making the best of the situation he was not sure when things would get back to normal.

“It’s getting back to a normal supply and demand level as smaller places open back up.

“Sales are down but that’s probably because we can only get half the usual amount of people through the shop each day with the social distancing restrictions.

“We’re pretty happy with the local support we have got so far,” he says.

“It’s certainly enough to keep things ticking over at our shop,” Simon said he had concerns about what some businesses would do once to stay afloat once the Government’s 12-week employee wage subsidy came to an end.

“That’s probably where it is going to start hurting,” he says.

“People will be feeling it across the board.”

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