Everyone who passes through the corridor which leads to the toilets at Richmond’s Mall will notice some beautiful drawings hanging on the wall. They are portraits of fathers made by Henley Primary School children.

“Richmond Mall had this big white hoarding in the corridor and we needed something to brighten it up,” says Belinda de Clercq, Richmond Mall Centre Manager.

“We approached Henley Primary School to see if they would like to do some portraits of local dads which ties in with Father’s Day coming up,” she says. According to Belinda, Donna Elkington is the teacher who initiated the project at the school.

“She was totally supportive and in return for the lovely drawings Richmond Mall gave them $500 of vouchers”, says Belinda.
Donna was delighted with the result. “They did such a good job,” she says.

Henley student, 6-year old Emme Ching, chose some words to be highlighted in the drawing of her father. Sporty, strong, kind, funny, fun to be with, were the ones she chose, but she was too shy to explain why.

Her teacher Donna helped with that. “In our class, we’ve been writing compliments for each other and today was Emme’s turn to have the compliments written about her and we did the same for their dads,” she says.

Glenn Ching is Emme’s father and he hadn’t seen the portrait until last Thursday.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it, so I’m quite excited. When I first heard it was in the toilet corridor, I thought it was a bit weird, but when you think about it you realise it makes a good change,” Glenn says.

“It lightens the place up, and you see how many people stop. It’s quite surprising. It’s good because hanging the drawings at school, parents might see them, but here everyone does”.

The school intends to buy new games with the vouchers.

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