Liam Hart’s dreadlocks have been a part of him for over eight years.

They reached down to his waist and were a treasured crowning glory.

So, it was with mixed emotions that Liam said goodbye to them last Saturday.

“They’ve been a part of me for the last 8 years, but my uncle was a special person to me”, says Liam.

Liam spent a lot of time in his earlier years hanging out with his uncle who he said was looked upon as a great man in his hometown of Cromwell, because of the amount he did for his community.

Liam’s uncle, Euan Hildyard died from liver cancer seven weeks ago during Lockdown.

This motivated Liam to do something important in recognition of what his uncle meant to him.

He came up with the idea of assisting those who were also dealing with cancer through Shave For a Cure.

Shave For a Cure is part of Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand’s fundraising events that first started in 2005.

It supports New Zealanders who are living with a blood cancer or blood conditions. The funds provide vital care and resources along with supporting the important research necessary for finding a cure.

Liam had great support from family and friends, so far raising more than his initial aim.

He had set his aim at $5000 and with his total now sitting at just over $5500 he has no intention of stopping there.
Liam’s fundraising will continue via the Shave For a Cure site for a year.

Many of Liam’s supporters were at the salon to see him going through with this symbolic event.
Liam’s daughter, Evelyn was there and didn’t appear to be too shocked at the transformation of her dad.

Liam said one of the things he’s looking forward to the most is being able to swim with Evelyn more now.

Although he could swim with his dreadlocks it would take days for them to dry.

“I quite like this new version of him,” says, Jade, Liam’s wife.

She’s only ever known him with his dreadlocks.

Although the length of them had increased quite a lot since they first met.

If you’d like to assist Liam and Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand you can do so here:

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