Susan Johnson

Yvonne Penniall owner of Lakehouse Salon in Richmond, re-connected with Kay Guyton when she came in to have her hair done.

And it was during the salon visits that Yvonne discovered that Kay worked for a charitable trust and that Kay did far more than her job description.

Raising funds for teenagers to go camping, providing baby boxes for new mums, youth bank (providing personal toiletries for youth who have no access to essential items) are some of the many things the charity offers. Kay also identifies at-risk groups in the community and provides help if she can or liaises with other agencies if she can’t.

“I do what I can and go where I’m needed, and I’ve been working in the community for long enough now to be trusted,” she said.

Although Kay has been recognized for the work she does with a couple of awards, she would prefer to stay out of the limelight and focus on what needs to be done. “I do it because I love the people I meet and love helping them. A lot of people don’t realise how much poverty is in Nelson, I go into houses and there’s no food in the cupboards, they can’t even afford to shop at charity shops. We’re just providing the very basics to these people, some too proud to ask for help.” Kay will take a person in need to a charity for clothes which the shop will donate.

As well as providing the basic essentials to families the charity also assists with getting job interviews and obtaining drivers licences, providing a person with the ability to widen their job search. Kay is a WINZ advocate and provides mental health support.

Many of the goods put into the baby boxes and youth banks are donated by businesses.

Kay says “Angel in My Street can help in many ways at no cost to the recipient, and in ways that make sense. We are not a big cororate outfit -sometimes we find it the simple things that can make a big difference.”

So Yvonne decided to raise funds with a fashion show and to help raise the profile of the charity. “I wanted people to know what Kay does and I think the smaller charities struggle to raise funds and be recognized. I’ve known Kay to go out at night to talk to the homeless and feed them.”

Local businesses Stacey and Beacon Hill are providing the clothes for the show and Tango, the shoes. The Lakehouse Salon will do the hair and makeup of the models.

It will be held at the Olive Estate on Sunday, 8th of September. The doors open at 2:30 with the show starting at 3pm. Tickets are $25 and there are a limited number of VIP tickets for $30. With lucky door prizes and give-aways. Phone 03 5443133 or 021336201 for tickets and details.

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