Waimea College will have some familiar former faces coaching some of their teams.

Lucy Ingham and Kalyssa Rasmussen are coaching junior netball while Hannah Taylor is coaching basketball. All three represented Waimea successfully for their given sports and now as ex-students are now giving back.

Waimea also have Andy Laing coaching volleyball, current Nelson Giant Tom Ingham and netballer Georgia Canning all coaching teams.

The school also has a number of current students coaching netball and basketball for junior or social teams. Hannah says the basketball programme gave her a lot as a player and she wanted to give back.

“I’ve been finished at Waimea for five years but I thought it was the right time.

“Girls need encouragement to stay with basketball and sport in general, so if I can help that happen then I’m doing my bit,” she says.

Kalyssa says she had always looked give back and now was that time.

”Netball has been my main sport and I’m lucky that I started as a defender then moved to being a shooter at high school and now I’m in the midcourt, so I think it helps that I have that experience.

“We’ve got a good mix and everyone is super keen to get stuck-in.”

Lucy says her love of sport was fostered at the school and she wanted to ensure she passed on that opportunity.

“They are such an eager group, especially in the Year 9 group, that’s the year it gets serious for many of them, so it’s a good time.”

“A lot of my team play multiple sports so it’s about finding that balance between achieving and ensuring it is fun at the same time,” she says.

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