Thanks to local organisations, Harold the Giraffe, the Life Education Trust’s much-loved mascot, and Ingrid Kemp, Life Education’s educator, have a new vehicle to deliver the trusts important message to children around the region.

Life Education Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that visits schools, and with Harold’s help, connects with primary and intermediate-aged children and teaches them important lessons about developing life skills.

Chairperson for Life Education Trust, Michelle Fitzgerald, says their last vehicle was getting well past its use-by date.

We were very appreciative when some local organisations helped us out with getting a newer vehicle to help with our cause. Fitzgerald Construction Ltd, the local Freemasons and the Car Company all contributed.

Sportswise Signs and Graphics have done an awesome job signwriting the vehicle at no cost, so you are sure to spot the Harold-mobile around the region.”

Michelle says that the Trust reaches over 90% of Nelson Tasman children.

Our programme is pro-active in the sense that the children who visit the classroom learn about health and their bodies; developing self-esteem and strategies for relating to others.

Children learn that they really matter! Today’s children and youth face a lot of challenges around obesity, substance use, mental health and well-being, and bullying. Unfortunately, New Zealand has alarming statistics around youth suicide and child-poverty which makes the Life Education programme, an important one.”

The Freemasons Charity has wide and varied activities but is not generally known by the media and public.

Ian McLean, Nelson Marlborough district Grand Master says the charity serves a wide range of needs by supporting the whole of life – from paediatrics to gerontology – and many things in between. “Harold makes a difference by supplying crucial life-skills information in an easily understandable way. Information, learning and innovative education in all aspects of life, help children to grow in a safe environment assisting them to make better life choices. We are only too happy to support the Life Education Trust and by donating funding we are showing our 100% support in the work the Trust is doing.”

Jamie Taylor, marketing manager for The Car Company, says that Shane Drummond and the team at The Car Company have a strong belief in supporting the local community, “better-supported communities are better places to live. The Life Education Trust has a huge influence on children today, empowering and educating them to make wise choices that can affect their future health and well-being. My adult children remember Harold and the mobile bus arriving at their school, it’s great to see it’s still making a difference in our community.”

They say it takes a village to raise a child, we couldn’t achieve what we do without the support of the community,” sums up Michelle Fitzgerald.

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