Waimea College’s Physical Education teacher Gus Shirley is set to gain a deeper understanding of the sporting culture in Japan.
Gus is one of ten physical education teachers selected from across New Zealand who departed on Saturday, May 19, to attend the Japan Sports Forum run by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.
“We’re trying to equip our students to thrive in Asia in the future. Our connection with Asia is becoming stronger in many ways,” says Gus.
The week-long programme includes a visit to the Kodokan Judo Institute – the home of judo. The group will also attend a lecture on health and physical education in Japan at the Nippon Sports Science University. Tokyo-based New Zealander Mike Bellingham will talk to the group about what goes into organising global sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup.
Visits to Japanese schools to learn how their Japanese counterparts teach sport are also on the agenda.
“I’m looking forward to learning about sumo, baseball and traditional martial arts, and bringing back my experience to share with our students here.”
Japan will be in the spotlight for New Zealand students over the next few years as it hosts four major sporting events; the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympics, and the 2021 World Masters Games.

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