Jacob Page

Tasman Swim Club member Josh Amyes will be part of a 40-person Kiwi team headed to the Australian State Teams Championships in late September.

The 16-year-old Year 11 student at Nelson College, who lives near Motueka, said it was all part of his goal to qualify for the Junior World Championships in two years time.

”Those 4:30am alarms can be tough, but it is a motivator.”

Josh competes in the 200m and 400m freestyle events and holds six Nelson/Marlborough swimming records.

It was his times at the past national age-group championships that got him noticed for the squad.

”I train for anything so I train for 800m freestyle then it tops up my 200m and 400m swims and means I can sprint for longer.”

Josh said his ”lanky” 6-foot 2-inch frame helps him power through the water in middle distance races.

”It helps me both with the sprint and endurance levels.”

Josh said he was 10 when he started to take swimming more seriously.

”Mum used to coach down at Motueka Swim Club so I used to jump in the car with her and train with her, and I got a lot of interested from that. Then three years ago, I switched to Tasman because (former coach) Andy Adair was here.”

He said his former coach was a terrific mentor and worked him hard to push him to the next level.

His new coach, Daniel Bell, who he has paired with for the past six, months is continuing to build on that foundation.

Josh’s commitment stretches to nine pool sessions a week ranging up to two hours at a time, and he also has a gym training programme and diet to stick toy.

”It’s all about working towards the bigger goals and I feel like we are on the right track.”

The team will have a training camp on the Gold Coast before heading to Canberra for the championships.

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