The lane pool is back, and on Monday morning a line of eager swimmers lined to up make a splash.

The pool has been closed since March 25 for the entire pool to be retiled.

While many were sad to miss out on the use of the lane pool, the work was much needed. Repairs had not been undertaken since the centre was initially completed in 2004. The centre was opened by then Prime Minister Helen Clark on 10 September, 2004.

Regular wear and tear meant that the eight-lane, 25m lane pool had to be drained and completely retiled over a period of two months.

“There was a growing number of broken tiles in the pool which posed a risk to customers,” said the Aquatic Centre facilities manager Vaughan Hope.

“Also, the new tiles that have been fitted are more fit for purpose for the pool users – for example, non-slip tiles have been put on the turning ends of the pool and also in the shallow end.”

Over 21,500 new tiles were laid, specially made and coming all the way from Germany.

An impressive 752,000 litres of water were used to re-fill the pool.

The total cost of the renovation was just over $350,000, and included new pumps and tanks, and a number of other repairs that could be done at the same time while the pool was drained in order to save money on future repairs.

The retiling process was a long one, the pool had to be drained, with the old tiles being carefully removed.

The pool surface then had to be built back up and levelled. After the new tiles were finally laid, the pool had to be given time to cure. The refilling started towards the end of last week, with the water being treated and heated over the weekend.

The Aquatic Centre has over 300,000 visits each year, with numbers continuing to grow. The lane pool is one of the most popular pools, with swimming clubs, underwater hockey and aquafitness classes all sharing the space, as well as a range of casual swimmers.

Thousands of people use the space each week, and they’re all excited to get back in the water.

“Everyone I have spoken to cannot wait to get back into the pool,” says Vaughan.

Excited swimmers were lining up by 5:30 am on Monday, ready to be among the first to make a splash in the renovated pool.

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