Chances of survival of native birds and chicks in the hills behind Richmond have been boosted by a substantial donation given by local couple Matt and Rachael Watson from Trail Explorers.
The donation to Richmond Native Bird Recovery will allow the group to replace worn out traps and make new ones for the Kingsland Forest area where they have been trapping for around 20 years, says group member Alison Pickford.
Rats, mice, possum, and mustelids eating birds’ eggs, fledglings and lizards are an ongoing problem, but the traps are giving the birds a chance at successful nesting.
Along with native falcon, wax eyes, morepork and tuis are among native bird species to be helped by trapping.
“The most stunning change we have seen over that time is in vegetation, with less possums around. More branches are seen on native trees, different ferns and fungi growing and an increase of undergrowth. It’s coming together,” says Alison.
The group, along with Keep Richmond Beautiful, trap, weed, and plant in the hills behind Richmond.

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