Richmond’s Volunteer Fire Brigade and the local community had an excellent reason to celebrate on Saturday evening.
Station Officer Nathan Freeman was awarded a 25-year Gold Star, from United Fire Brigades Association (UFBA).

“It’s a recognition of the service,” says Nathan, who has been in Richmond for the last six years and is also with the Royal New Zealand Airforce as a firefighter. “It’s just been a good time with good people. There is a bit of satisfaction to be working with a really good team.

When you cut somebody out of a car or put out a fire or you hear the ambulance officer say that he’s got a pulse and breathing again, and you’ve been part of the team which helped, it’s a bit of satisfaction and it’s a lot of fun.”

“We get different awards all the way through, but that milestone, it takes a long time to get there. When you do, it feels like it was just yesterday.”

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