Matt McCrorie

Members of the Stoke/Tahunanui Inner Wheel group were a part of the community effort to give back and help those evacuated from their homes due to the Pigeon Valley fire.
Gathered in Richmond at the home of Ruth Bagnall, members made and filled toilet bags for families who were evacuated from their homes.
Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation and its Stoke/Tahunanui club decided that they had the resources and the time to help.
Ruth says that toiletries are a basic need that sometimes gets overlooked, and that they were trying to make sure that everyone who was evacuated had access to basic hygiene products.
“We wanted to do something to help, so we called up Civil Defence to see if there was a need for toiletries for evacuees, and they said ‘absolutely’. So, we got organised,” says Ruth.
Finding ways to help the community is at the core of the Inner Wheel values, said Ruth. “The club is really about friendship and community. We aim to support each other, and to support the community around us.”
Marie, a steadfast member for over 40 years, says that giving back is the best reason to get together. The group knits for Plunket, and donates time and resources to the cancer society. “We are a service group, and we help wherever we can.”

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