High School students from the Top of the South region will get together on 15th August for the VAST Dance Festival. The presentations will take place at Theatre Royal Nelson.

Krystal Hollis is part of the Year 13 class at Waimea College and will perform at the festival for the third time. “VAST is really cool, it’s a full day thing”, she says. “I’m a regular performer, so I’m used to it, but for some people this can be their first time, so it’s a great opportunity to perform in front of a big audience”, she says.

The activities are divided into two sessions. In the morning the students have the opportunity to take part in dance workshops. In the afternoon they rehearse on stage for the evening performance for the community. “This year there is salsa, belly dancing, and yoga workshops”, says Krystal.

She remembers how important the interaction with other students is. “Then you have rehearsals, so you practise the dances and watch other schools do theirs”, she says.

Pauline Farley is the Arts Coordinator at Waimea College, and she explains that VAST intends to showcase students from secondary schools who do dance classes as part of the curriculum. “It’s a non-competitive performance in the evening and during the day the students get the opportunity to go to workshops to try dance styles that they won’t learn at school”.

According to Pauline, the Waimea College group will present solo performances, duets and also different styles, such as tap dancing, contemporary dance, and ballet. “It’s a broad spectrum of styles of dances. All in costume, full lighting and professional”, she says.

“Students don’t get a lot of chances to perform in public, so this is a way to give the public and the students this opportunity”, says Pauline.

The annual performance showcases students from Waimea College, Nayland College, Garin College, Motueka High School, Greymouth High School, and Nelson College for Girls.

The evening performance commences at 7pm and tickets are available from The Theatre Royal.


VAST Dance Festival Tickets

Adults: $16.50
Child: $11.50
Students: $11.50

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