More than 300 Brightwater school students turned up at 7 am on Tuesday to see Fonterra Ambassador and former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw fly in with his chopper to do the milk run.
The school submitted a video, created by some of the students, to the Fonterra ‘Richie’s Milk Run’ promotion. Brightwater school ultimately won the surprise fifth visit, after securing the most number of votes on Facebook.
Richie McCaw said he was really excited for the opportunity to do the ‘Richie’s Milk Run’. “It has just been great to see the looks on the kids’ faces, that’s the best bit. It was pretty touch and go with the weather this morning, if we could fly or not, but I’m stoked we did. I would’ve been pretty disappointed if I couldn’t do it that way.”
Fonterra ‘Milk for Schools’ team member Tracey Fleming says, “it’s amazing what one man can do, and how he can bring a community together like this.”
Brightwater school had 352 nominations, this was the highest nomination rate per head. “This school was streets ahead of the others in the public voting. The community response was overwhelming,” says Richie. The school won with a 34.3 percent majority.

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