Members of Menzshed Waimea took on a project for the Nelson Histrionics Society, to build a replica of the historical railway carriage the ‘Compiegne Wagon’ in which the First and Second Armistice treaties were signed.

The carriage extends over four metres long and just over two metres high and is to be the centre attraction at the Armistice 100 – An End to War? event, on Trafalgar St, on Sunday, November 11, to commemorate the centenary signing of the World War 1 Armistice.

Menzshed coordinator Alan Kissell says the replica took two weeks to complete and was a team effort, “Graham Fittock built it with the help of Terry Garside and James Chappell, and the Histrionics members did all of the painting.”

The Histrionics Society, who are serious on detail and finish, are over the moon with the carriage, with Daryl Page saying, “it is just fantastic! Look at the detail, it is awesome! The Menzshed have been just fantastic at embracing the concept, they have been so enthusiastic about it right from the start.”

The first armistice was signed in a railway carriage in the Forest of Compiegne, France, at around 5am on November 11, 1918, and came into effect at 11am that day.

Penny Taylor, director for the Nelson event, says, “The armistice negotiations actually took place over three days. We offer a glimpse at what the issues were from all sides and try to provide some background on the lead-up to this point. The terms of the armistice, which were later embedded into the peace treaties, redefined borders and set in motion changes that helped shape the world as we know it today.”

The free event runs from 10am to 3:30, November 11, at the top of Trafalgar St.

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