Using the bus will soon be a whole lot easier for Richmond residents, thanks to the new Bee Card.

The Bee Card is a prepay travel card that can be used on buses in Tasman and in Nelson, without needing cash. Fares will also be cheaper than paying cash.

The cards will be free from 6 July to 31 October, after the free period ends the cards will cost $5.00.

For Richmond residents, the cards will be available from the Tasman District Council office, as well as the Richmond Library.

Tasman Regional Transport Committee chair Stuart Bryant says that the Bee Cards will be a great thing for Richmond.

“It will be really good. It means taking the bus will be so much more convenient, and we are hoping that it will encourage more people to use the new Richmond bus loop that will be starting soon,” Stuart says.

Stuart says that because of the lower cost of travel for users of the Bee Card compared to cash, it will be more accessible for people across the region.

“We’ve been looking at doing something like this for a few years, so having the Bee Card means that people from Richmond can get around easier.

“We are hoping that it will be well supported, it’s all about making the bus service more accessible to more people. We are hoping it will be well supported,” Stuart says.

Richmond ward councillor Dana Wensley says that the new Bee Cards are a great thing for Richmond and will make the new Richmond bus loops more accessible.

“I think this will encourage people to use the Richmond bus loop. After the initial set- up, it’s easy to use and you don’t need to worry about carrying cash,” Dana says.

To top up a Bee Card online it needs to be registered at, as this will also allow users to set up concessions and protect stored credit if a card is lost or stolen.

Concessions will be able to be managed through the card. SuperGold cards can be loaded onto Bee Cards, so users can access SuperGold free off-peak travel by using their Bee Card, rather than showing their SuperGold card.

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