The construction on Bateup Road in Richmond, which was set to be finished in March, is facing ongoing delays. Work on the project began in August last year, and the project was originally meant to be completed in April, but fast progress towards the end of last year saw the completion date moved up to March. However, now residents and commuters will have to wait another two months before the road is fully useable, making the project 10 months in the making.


The completion date is now looking to be May 30, the council says. “There have been various factors that have contributed to the delay” community relations manager Chris Choat says. “There was some extra work for new subdivisions further up the hill that needed to be done in the next few years, so we thought we’d do that now rather than tear the road up again in a few years’ time”


The drought and fire throughout the region over the last few months have also meant an unexpected delay. “A lot of the mechanical equipment was taken away to be used to deal with the fires, and then that meant a machinery ban because of fire risk, so several different things have begun to add up.”


The road is being widened to allow for a greater flow of traffic, adding a shared walkway/cycleway, and replacing roadside drains with underground pipes, and installing several underground stormwater chambers. The work on the road is designed to help cater for the several new subdivisions going in around the area.

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