Wood Chopping is a sport that requires eye-hand coordination, strength, fitness, dedication and a lot of technique and all of this will be on display at the Golden Edge Nelson A&P Show 2019.

“We just chop it in half,” says Dave McEwen, President of the Nelson Axemen’s club making light of what is a highly skilled sport, with comradery stronger than any other sport he has been involved in; when explaining what wood chopping is all about.

“As axeman, we’ve been getting a lot of support from the A&P Association this year, which is great. We will be bringing a New South Wales Team to compete against the South Island. It will be a 3-test series. That is huge for Nelson A&P and great for wood chopping in the South Island too,” says Dave.

The 125th Nelson A&P Show is going to be on the 23 and 24 November at Richmond Showgrounds.

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