Pet and livestock owners are being urged by police to remain vigilant by after a cat was shot in the neck with a BB gun in Arrow Street, Wakefield, recently. Owner Kylee Stringer took to a community page on Facebook to reveal that her beloved cat, Ned, had returned home after having “gone to ground” with a bullet wound in his neck. Horrified, she was given the news by the vet that her cat was beyond help and would need to be put down.

And it’s not just cats who are being targeted. Horse owner Alicia Sixtus noticed some small, round puncture marks on her horse’s hip, belly and on his rear, a few weeks ago. “We also found one on his neck recently and there have been at least four other times we have discovered bullet wounds,” she says. “I’m so worried it may happen again that I’m keeping him rugged in a light cover in the day.” Visible scarring on Basil is still evident, but “luckily, his wounds have now healed,” says Alicia.

A goat owner in the area, who wishes to remain anonymous, says, “I found a BB gun in my goat paddock about three months ago. They had shot at our goats causing them to jump our fence into the neighbours’ place. The goats were so scared. The offenders dropped the gun as they climbed over the fence.”

Constable Jamie White says, “This sort of thing crops up from time to time, so it could be the same person doing it or someone totally different. The main thing is, people need to report it to us because if it happens multiple times then we have a record of it. Just pop in and flag it to us at the station so we are aware of what is happening in the community.”

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