If you go into the woods today, be sure of a big surprise. And not a good one.

A recent spate of dog fouling at Faulkner Bush, Wakefield, has raised concerns with residents. It appears that some lazy dog owners have been leaving their pet’s waste in bags tied to trees or strewn in the bushes for others to stumble across and deal with.

Family man, Jamie Mathews, says, “I went for a walk at Faulkner’s and there were plastic poop bags all over the place.”

If people are bothering to pick up the faeces and put it into the bags provided, why can’t they just throw them away?

There are so many bins around the reserve, it just seems crazy Jamie said.

With summer approaching, the number of visitors will rise and so Tasman District Council has issued a stark warning.

“The penalty for not attending to your fouling dog can be up to $20,000. The rubbish bins at Faulkner are emptied regularly so there really is no excuse to leave your dog’s mess behind,” said Chris Choat.

Other locals have labelled the dog owners as dirty and ignorant and are worried it’s going to become worse if nothing is done. And it seems it’s not only the dogs who are causing a stir. Broken glass bottles amongst other bits of rubbish have been abandoned on the walking tracks and footpaths with total disregard for everyone else.

“I picked up the bottles on the track and binned them myself,” says Jamie.

It’s really not that hard for people to do it themselves. I hope that whoever is responsible will get fined. It’s what they deserve really, Jamie said.

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