A new tent with a focus on fashion is popping up at the races.

The highlight of the Nelson Tasman summer horse racing season is happening on Sunday 10th of January and having a fantastic time without shorts and jandals is the focus at one tent.

Angela Miller and Emma Silk-French are the masterminds behind the tent called Fashion Zone.

“We want to see people getting arty and giving it a go,” says Emma.

Historically, horse races have been the perfect place when it comes to fashion, providing the perfect opportunity for people to spend a little more time on styling their clothing and headgear.

In recent years the numbers of those dressing up have dwindled at the A&P Showgrounds and Angela and Emma hope the tent will instigate a resurgence of people keen to dress their best.

They are avid fans of the combination of fashion and the races, travelling across the country to attend other fashion in the field type events.

“Numbers are huge at these events in other cities and they used to be here,” says Emma.

Their tent will have spot prizes and there will be people’s choice awards for best hat and best dressed on the day.

“Everyone’s welcome, and there are no rules on how you dress up,” says Emma.

They want to see people having fun and encourage everyone to dress in whatever way dressing for the races means to them.

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