Three outlets vied for lowest fuel prices in a recent Waimea Weekly survey, with only decimal points separating them.
Data was collected from seven selected petrol stations around the region, on Friday 2 October which found that Caltex Richmond offers the best price on 91 and diesel.

The cheapest 91 fuel out of stations surveyed in the region was Caltex Richmond, at $184.7 per litre, with the most expensive fuel in the region coming in at a whopping 212.9 at Caltex in Hope, a mere four kilometres away from its Richmond counterpart. In terms of diesel prices, Caltex Richmond was the winner again at $113.7, while Caltex Hope took out the most expensive price, coming in at $1.379.

Owner of Caltex Richmond Kyle Lightfoot says that being competitive is important.

“We try to be as competitive as we can.”

The Hope Caltex site, which has the highest prices for both 91 and diesel on the board out of fuel stations selected, is corporately owned, and prices are set by Caltex.

“We have 100 per cent freedom with the pricing,” Kyle says.

“We get a buy price – to remain competitive you play around with your margin.”

Kyle says that being locally owned and operated makes a huge difference when it comes to being competitive around pricing.

“Being a local, I’m looking at competitors’ prices around the region several times a day.”

As a truck stop, Caltex Hope is more likely to be used by companies that have fuel cards and will be getting a better price, but it’s still the most expensive place for local commuters to buy petrol or diesel.

“I think one thing to reinforce is that we employ staff. When people compare prices on unmanned sites, their overheads are different. If you want to keep people employed, you’ve got to be competitive,” Kyle says.

The prices on the boards don’t always reflect what locals will pay for fuel, especially when you take into account loyalty programmes.

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