The widening of Bateup Road has continued over Christmas and into the new year.
The contract was awarded to Higgins Construction who started in 2018, with project manager Graham Rimmer saying at the end of November that the council was really pleased with the progress that Higgins construction had been doing over the last nine months.
Both the road and the footpaths are being widened between Three Brothers Corner and the Wensley Road roundabout. This will include the creation of a new, shared pedestrian and cycle pathway.
In November 2018, project manager Graham Rimmer said “We’ll be doing a Christmas shutdown on the 21 of December. We’ll be opening the road two ways, at the moment it’s a single way, and we’ll be reconvening back on January 7.”
However, some community members have expressed frustration with the Christmas shutdown. Several residents have commented that the road wasn’t fully opened over the Christmas break as stated, and that when the road was running two ways, was only open for a few days. Residents noted that turning right onto Bateup road from Wensley Road or St James Ave was impossible. The road is currently limited to one direction, running from Three Brothers Corner to Wensley Road. The project is scheduled to be completed in March 2019.

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