Wakefield residents continue to highlight the need for a long-term solution for crossing safety on SH6 with a detailed proposal.

While Wakefield waits on the short-term outcome from the official NZTA Safety Audit residents have been doing their research to produce a nine-page proposal that goes beyond short-term upgrades.

“We know changes will likely be minimal superficial upgrades coming out of the safety audit, as there is no budget currently allocated for anything like an underpass,” says community representative, Jenny Lines.

A group of residents have been working over the last 12 months to highlight, to the TDC and NZTA, the urgency for improved pedestrian crossing options over SH6 Wakefield for the safety of the community.

“We strongly feel that there should be a focus on a long-term solution like building an underpass,” she says.

The proposal produced by the group includes data on Wakefield’s traffic and community growth.

Wakefield’s community has grown by 96 per cent in one generation and the traffic has grown by 116 per cent.

Wakefield School has an active transport programme that since its inception has seen an increase in the number of students walking, cycling, or scootering to school. The majority of whom are on the opposite side of SH6 to the school.

With the Ministry of Education currently looking into whether Wakefield School will move from being a contributing Primary School (years 0-6) to a full Primary (years 0-8) the outcome could have a direct impact on the numbers of students needing to cross the highway.

The introduction of the Great Taste Cycle Trail has also had an impact on traffic in Wakefield.

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