While its life as a complete piano has come to an end, Andy Wallace hopes an artist will give the strings and soundboard a chance to live on.

Andy’s late brother Stephen Sowman did the sign-writing on the street piano four years ago and it spent a year on the street outside the Sprig and Fern inviting one and all to play. The lid read – Don’t just stand there, play me! And once open had – Life is a song, love is the lyric.

The piano’s weight and the inconvenience of wheeling it in and out every day sped it toward retirement, and while Andy is salvaging her brother’s impressive artwork, the piano’s internal condition may allow it to make sweet music for a while longer yet.

It’s a good opportunity for someone, so instead of wrecking it completely hopefully someone will make the most of the inside’s tip-top condition,” says Andy. “It sounds like a harp.”

A donation to the Nelson Hospice can secure the immaculate strings and soundboard for anybody looking for a project.

If you’re interested in acquiring the strings and soundboard please phone Andy 022 544 2190.

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