All Fonterra ‘Milk for Schools’ primary schools in New Zealand have had the opportunity to win one of four school visits by Fonterra ambassador Richie McCaw.

Brightwater School applied, they built their Richie statue, made videos and posed for photos, but it wasn’t quite enough. All four spots were taken by other schools. But then Fonterra announced a surprise fifth school visit, to be determined by the public, and Brightwater school was on the shortlist. The campaign began, using Facebook and Waimea Weekly resources, along with the local community. All the liking, the sharing, and the voting. They led for a while, then South New Brighton School in Christchurch began to fight back and overtook Brightwater.

But last night with voting closing at 11:59 pm, in an overwhelming comeback, Brightwater school pupils firmly won their place with a 34.3% majority, to have Richie fly in with his chopper, visit their school for 2 hours to have a meal and spend time with the kids.

Gerald Baldwin, Brightwater school principal, wanted to thank the pupils and families for getting behind the campaign, with one post alone reaching 13,430 people. and getting them through to the win.

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