As the snow disappears on Rainbow Ski Area at the end of each winter so to does the mountain’s ability to provide a playground for adventure seekers.
But that could all change in the future with management keen to explore the option of capitalising on popular summer activities.
General manager James Lazor says, while the focus right now is on the impending ski season less than a hundred days away, once they’re through the winter, looking at further options for the mountain area is definitely on the cards.
“It’s up to the committee to look at it and see what we can and can’t do on the land,” says James.
Other ski areas within New Zealand and overseas have made the successful summer transformation into mountainbiking parks and Rainbow Ski Area is well-placed to jump on this bandwagon with the region’s excellent reputation as a mountainbiker’s mecca confirmed by a new report.
Nelson City Council’s report has estimated that in ten years mountainbiking would bring nearly $45 million in direct expenditure to the Nelson-Tasman region.
The report says, in any given year, around 16,000 people in the region are involved in mountainbiking and a further 29,000 people visit the region each year to participate in the sport. Figures that could quite possibly lead to mountainbikers tearing down the slopes if Rainbow Ski Area management and the committee take advantage of the region’s love for mountainbiking.

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