Matt McCrorie

Shop and Win has been won again by someone who has only put forward one entry.
Even after being handed the cheque at Village Cycles Richmond, Lev Gimelfarb, originally from the Ukraine, couldn’t believe that he had won.
“I only came in to buy a seat and brake pads, when one of the sales assistants suggested I enter. I thought they might have wanted my email for their database or something.”
Originally and a long time ago from the Ukraine, he now lives and works in Nelson. “I don’t have the kiwi accent yet but I’m working on it” he said. Lev works as a software engineer, while his wife Masha runs a dance studio.
When he was phoned by Waimea Weekly publisher Steve Page with the news that he had won, Lev thought it was a joke. “Even when I hung up the phone, I thought it was a hoax. I’ve never won anything,” he says.
Co-owner of Village Cycles, Andy Reid, was absolutely rapt. “Firstly, one of our customers won it which is fantastic, and secondly, as the winning store we get a free $1000 worth of advertising in our local paper! It’s a win win.”
Steve says the promotion, now in its 12th year, has yet again proven to be a huge success and the biggest competition run in the area.
“I would like to acknowledge all of the sponsors and shops as well as Richmond Mall and Richmond Unlimited for their support, as that enables the Shop and Win promotion to run throughout Richmond. This year has proven to be another huge success, with around 40,000 entries.
Asked if it will run again next year, Steve replied “Why would you stop something this popular?”

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