It’s nearly time for the cast of Shrek to burst onto the stage in a musical that is set to impress.
Waimea College students, teachers and volunteers have been working tirelessly to ensure a quality production, with everyone pulling together and putting in big hours for the show. Production manager Pauline Farley says, “the kids are getting really enthusiastic about it all. The entire cast, orchestra, technical crew and staff recently spent the weekend at Teapot Valley, rehearsing.”
Volunteer and costume designer, Tracy Gibbs, has spent hundreds of hours sewing and sourcing costumes for the cast. This is her third production with the college and, along with her daughter Hayley, has handmade and scoured the shops to put the costumes together. “I just love it,” says Tracy, “I love working with the kids. Everyone has been getting stuck in, including the staff, putting it all together.” Mel Stewart, Waimea College Drama teacher, is confident about the show, saying, “everything is going well, and everyone is working really hard.”
Opening night is June 27 and final show is July 1. Tickets are available online, at, or Waimea College finance centre. 5446099. Pauline advises people “get in quick, before they sell out.”

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