The rain may have made the course damp, but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the participants in the Special Olympics Nelson Golf Ribbon Day.

The golf swings were looking well-executed during the warm-up as they eagerly awaited the annual event’s kick-off at Greenacres Golf Club on Saturday, October 27.

“I’ve practised really hard for this, playing every Thursday. I learnt so much,” says participant Clayton Marr.

Karlin Spiers, who first started playing golf around ten years ago, read the athletes oath before commencement of play. Karlin’s golf talent was recognised when he first visited a driving range and these days he plays mainstream golf, fitting in two rounds of nine holes every week.

“The day was very good. They all put in a lot of practise beforehand and their skills have improved so much,” says Tony Naylor, Special Olympics Nelson Head Coach.

The participants were treated to a presentation by John Towns, the patron of Special Olympics Nelson, and enjoyed their afternoon at the Greenacres club which has always “been so welcoming” to the golf enthusiasts.


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