The pedestrian crossings on Salisbury Road have recently had ‘speed cushions’ and raised plastic separators added.

They are part of measures being trialled by the Tasman District Council to improve driver behaviour for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists around the crossings.

“It’s definitely slowing and bunching up the traffic,” says Waimea Intermediate technology teacher and lollipop man, John MacDonald.

As well as the public, the two crossings serve to funnel hundreds of students to and from five different schools along this section of Salisbury Road.

Discussions with the police and schools in the area prompted the TDC to put in place the different measures to make drivers more aware of the crossings, but to also limit traffic movement in the area.

The speed cushions are intended to make drivers more aware they are approaching the crossing so they don’t drive through on autopilot and put pedestrians at risk. John says the crossing on its own has always served up quite a few rear-ends between cars. But thankfully there has never been any children injured.

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