Skilled local youth workers, the Tasman Street Ambassadors, are out patrolling the streets again and helping keep the public safer until early February.

The team of 19 across Tasman and Nelson districts patrol public places, deliver safety messages and offer advice and assistance when needed.

The aim is to engage with the public and – while working in partnership with local police, community patrols and Maori wardens, – to intervene with the aim of stopping trouble before it starts.

Tasman District Council youth and community works advisor, Paul McConachie, says the trained group pride themselves on having quite a diverse team of ambassadors.

“This is important because we do come across a lot of different walks of life in the street.”

“We like to instil a sense of pride and prestige in the community that we live in,” says Paul. “The public response we have gotten since being back has been pretty great. It’s been overwhelming, from people on the street to door-staff at the pubs, we get high fives and hugs from all over, there seems to be a sense of relief that we are back on the street and helping.”

The Street Ambassadors service is provided by Tasman District Council and is delivered by Youth and Community Works. They will be patrolling streets and events across the region between 8:30pm – 2:30am, Friday and Saturday nights.


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