A reunion for students who attended Waimea College in the 80s was held on Saturday night at Armadillos in Richmond. Students that attended the school between 1980-1989 were invited to come and get together for an informal reunion over drinks and food.


Stu Reid, one of the organisers, said that “We started a Facebook group a few years ago, for those who went to Waimea College during the 80s and we had a similar gathering about three years ago down at Club Waimea.” Stu says the last event was a such a success that it was about time to put another one one. “We had so many requests to put one on again, so myself and a few others put our hands up to organise it.”


Although life has taken many of them in different directions, over 80 people gathered on the night to reminisce about their younger years, and to reconnect about what they had missed in each other’s lives since school. “It was so interesting to catch up with people, some of which you hadn’t seen since you left high school – I left school in 1986 and some of the people I hadn’t seen since then.”


People travelled from far and wide to attend the reunion, with several people traveling from Australia, and many from across the country who made the trip for the reunion.


Stu said that the event went so well that “we intend on carrying this on and doing it every couple of years, there was a comment from someone who went to college in the 70s and said I’m going to Gatecrash! We don’t mind at all, the more the merrier.”


Even the former principal, Peter Price, came to say a few words, wishing his former students well, and telling them he was proud of where they had come since their school days.

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