There have been a lot of changes during Sue McLarens 43-year teaching career, but the one constant has been the never-ending stream of children, and that’s one of the aspects Wakefield School’s long-serving new entrant teacher and deputy principal says she’ll miss the most.
“I’m going to really miss the children, the kids are just fantastic, I’ll miss the daily contact with them terribly,” says Sue.
Sue retired on Friday, April 13 after an impressive career that has always seen her keep the children as her uppermost priority.
Her role as the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) has been “immensely rewarding” and Sue has long been a tireless and empathetic advocate for the most vulnerable.
“It’s been a real highlight working in the SENCO role and gaining support for the children who need that little bit extra. It’s a very underfunded part of education,” says Sue.
Arriving at Wakefield School nearly 30 years ago, Sue says the leadership of the school has always been of the highest standard.
“The leadership here has been a real highlight of my career, from the late Peter Ross who was principal to our current principal, Peter Verstappen, it really is exceptional,” says Sue.
Ski trips and school camps are added to the highlights along with caretaker Bruce’s delicious hangis and her fabulous colleagues.
But while the children of Wakefield will miss Sue, her grandchildren stand to benefit as she moves south to Christchurch to be nearer to them.

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