Richmond woman Aleisha Hart bravely embarked into unchartered territory last September when she was implanted with an embryo on a surrogacy journey for two Auckland men.

There’s always been something inside of me interested in these things,” says Aleisha.

Answering a gay couple’s Facebook advertisement in July 2016, for a surrogate to help make their dreams of becoming a family a reality, Aleisha was soon deemed “the one”.

The 32-year-old was single, has two children, and her kind and caring nature alongside her work as a paramedic made her Christian Newman and husband Mark Edwards ideal surrogate.

There was never anything that made me feel like I shouldn’t do it. I have absolutely no regrets. It’s a pretty amazing feeling now,” says Aleisha.

The lengthy process that involved medical and psychiatric tests and numerous legalities, culminated with the birth of baby boy Frankie on June 6.

I just loved him instantly, pretty much like my own.”

The couple’s sister-in-law was the egg donor and, along with Aleisha she will be known to Frankie as Mum.

He’ll have two dads and two mums.”

Aleisha has nothing but respect for Christian and Mark and says the entire experience has been positive with their treatment of her “amazing”.

They’ve treated me better than any guy ever has. They were great when I was pregnant and have been even better since.”

While the new parents have made it no secret they’d like a baby brother or sister for Frankie, Aleisha says it’s too early for her to commit to another pregnancy, but she’s not ruling it out.

A documentary on the journey to have Frankie screened on TVNZ’s Sunday show on July 22.

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