Around 80 motorbikes roared their way through Richmond recently for the annual fund-raising ride for the Salvation Army organised by Ulysses Nelson.

Organiser Allan Smith says that, despite transport constraints and the weather, the ride went well.

“Normally we have around 200 bikes participate in the event, however this year only 80 or so participated due to weather and such. We had to ride differently but things ran well despite constraints. $450 was donated to the Salvation Army on the day.”

Unfortunately, traffic constraint issues put a damper on the day, with riders unable to keep together and being split up by roundabouts and traffic lights, but Allan remains optimistic that it was good ride.

“We have done the same thing we have always done for the past how many years but this year the Tasman District Council (TDC) wouldn’t accept our traffic plan submission. For years we have been safely doing what we normally do but that wasn’t accepted by the council.”

TDC communications manager Chris Choat says the council would like to keep working with the organisation that is behind the annual fund-raiser.

“In no way do we want to harm the legacy that is the toy run. We did ask the organisers last year to please come to us earlier as it is an extremely busy time of year with events, and that didn’t happen. We would like to keep working together.”

Allan says that moving forward for next year the club will be more vigilant planning.

“The first step will be to do due diligence and find out what would be involved with a TMP robust enough to satisfy TDC and New Zealand Traffic Agency (NZTA).

“If it is that we cannot provide the appropriate staff or afford the costs, we might consider a different route that avoids TDC and minimizes crossing roundabouts.

“This is already under discussion.”






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