An iconic Nelson event has found a new home in Richmond.

The Trolley Derby, a staple Nelson event involving the whole community, celebrates the making and racing of trolley’s.
As of 2020, Queen Street will be the new home to the iconic derby.

The event places a large emphasis on family, with grandparents, mums and dads getting together with their kids to create their own trolley each year to race.

Originally beginning in the 1950’s, the derby came and went several times before being revived in 2002, lasting 16 years.
The derby was organised by the Nelson Trolley Club, who took over the event in 2010, after it being sponsored by South Canterbury Finance for a few years and Fresh Choice before that.

However, the event stalled last year, unable to get sponsorship from local businesses.

After a two-year absence, organisers hope that the move from Collingwood Street in Nelson to Queen Street will reinvigorate the event, making its grand entrance to Richmond on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

The event had been steadily growing each year to one with around 100 entries and a crowd of 2000 to 3000 spectators.

Tim Bayley, one of the organisers, says that the proposed track would be from the Queen Street/ Hill street intersection, down to Edward Street on Upper Queen Street.

“We wanted a change, and we went to see the Tasman District Council, they were very positive about having it here, it used to be in Richmond, and we thought it was time to bring it back,” says Tim Bayley.

Organisers are still a few steps away from making the event a reality and are looking for sponsors to make the it happen.

For those keen to race, guides can be found online at the Derby website There will also be building workshops and sessions, where people will be able to get together and swap ideas and work with each other on their trolleys.

Anyone interested can contact the Facebook page ‘nelsontrolleyderby’ Those interested in becoming a sponsor can contact

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