Each year many amazing volunteers around the country give up their time to help a wonderful and worthy cause.

And this week is no different.

The iconic annual Truffle Rolling Fund-raiser is taking place on Friday, November 9, at Brightwater Public Hall.

The event has been running for around 13 years and organiser Bonnie Kempthorne couldn’t be more excited.

Bonnie says at least a couple of hundred people turned up for the event last year.

“It is a great event to be a part of. We have some people who have been coming to the event for about 10 years and have their annual catch up with each other!

“People can volunteer whatever time they are able to do, whether it’s just one hour or a few.”

Promotional material and order forms for the truffle bags are sent out earlier in the year to local schools, businesses and community groups. This year the group of volunteers have a total of 36,000 truffles to roll, which equates to around 911kgs of base.

Bonnie says the response for orders is fantastic.

“We get quite a production line going of rolling and packing the truffles.”

Fresh Choice Richmond have kindly donated their kitchen for a team of volunteers to pre-mix the base before the event.

All funds raised will go towards Global Impact’s Freedom! Philippines Campaign, a cause close to Bonnie’s heart.

Bonnie and her husband have done mission work with the organisation since it’s inception in 2014.

The Freedom! Philippines Campaign programme is aimed at 5-year olds through to the oldest members of the village, in Davao, in the Philippines.

It educates them on how to stay safe from traffickers through presentations, kids’ camps, schools, churches and medical outreaches. “Organising the event is definitely a challenge. Even though it is already quite well established, you never know who is going to show up or how many. We just cross our fingers and hope people will come through. The funds are going to a great cause that we have worked very closely with for a number of years.” If you would like to volunteer, the event starts on Fri, 9 October, 9am – 9pm. Check the Truffles Nelson Facebook page for more details.


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