‘Why buy when you can borrow?’ is the mantra behind a new rental platform launching in Nelson Tasman tomorrow.

Entrepreneur Toby Skilton has taken the idea of Facebook Marketplace and Trade Me a step further by allowing users to rent rather than buy listed items.

People can make money by sharing the things they own and hardly use, as well as being able to save money borrowing things they only need to use a handful of times.

We are all becoming more conscious of the things we buy and our individual impact on the planet, says Toby.

“Mutu allows Kiwis to access things without ownership while reducing the need for items to be purchased for single use.”

Mutu has previously been limited to users who have downloaded the Christchurch-based app, but the launch of the website is expected to increase access to hundreds of underutilised items for Kiwis across our region.

The most popular rental item so far has been trailers, followed by kayaks and water blasters. Items, like power drills, can often have under 20 minutes of use over their whole lifetime, says Toby.

So it makes sense to encourage a culture of sharing within communities.

Popularity changes according to season and right now, items such as ski wear and equipment are golden ticket items, while in summer lawnmowers and gardening tools are hot property. Although Mutu is fairly new on the scene, it has already been voted a finalist at the Sustainable Business 2020 Awards.

Toby says he’s excited to see what impact Mutu has across Nelson Tasman.

“We’re so grateful to those who have already joined us on our journey to buy less, share more and reduce waste in New Zealand.”

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